I turned vegan at the age of 51. It wasn’t my first go-around, though. I had done it once before, more than fifteen years earlier. I was living in Philadelphia. At the time, I couldn’t find a nutritionist that was willing to help me– back then, plant-based diets were generally considered to be insufficient in protein, and lacking in key nutrients. Why, everyone knows you need milk for strong bones, right? I got hooked on vegan junk food, and ate very little whole foods, I ended up cranky, hungry, tired, and anemic-looking. I blamed the lack of animal protein, when I should have really blamed poor planning. I loved being a vegan from an ethical standpoint, but physically, I was failing at it.

Fast forward fifteen years. Aging came with high cholesterol, chronic pain, arthritis, and a cardio-metabolic profile that kept me up at night. The numbers didn’t lie. I was unhealthy. Despite having moved to sunny California, reducing my stress levels, and trying to get regular exercise, I was on a decline. After reading and researching about the benefits of a plant-based diet, I decided to try again. I was also fueled by my love of animals and disgust of factory farming. I wanted a clean start.

I booked an appointment with the nutritionist in my PCP’s office. The plan she provided me with could never work for me. There was macro-counting, restrictions in fruit and whole grains, and a complex set of commandments that seemed impossible to muddle through. I knew I couldn’t live with it. Instead, I decided to find some alternatives. I joined the local vegan society where I live, and took Forks Over Knives online cooking class.


I have learned to prepare a wide variety of vegan dishes, and to use healthier techniques to veganize  old favorites. I have learned to shop for foods and products to support my healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are new to the veganism, or are looking for information to help you on your journey, this blog is for you, my fabulous fifty and over friends!

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact me.