Coconut Butter

I wanted to buy a jar of coconut butter. It was $15.64. I thought “I’ll make my own damn coconut butter”. I went on a search for a recipe that didn’t involve additional oil. This is what happened…


1 cup desiccated coconut


High-speed blender or a food processor
Rubber spatula


  1. Place the coconut in the blender. Blend on the highest speed for one full cycle.
  2. Scrape down the sides of the blender, the corners, and anywhere that the coconut has clumped with the spatula.Making Coconut Butter
  3. Blend again on the highest speed for a full cycle, repeating the scraping process.
  4. Continue blending until everything is incorporated, stopping to scrape down the blender between cycles, and allowing it to rest if it heats up.
  5. The end product should be smooth, like natural peanut butter that has not be refrigerated.Coconut Butter
  6. Store in the refrigerator to harden, and remove 10 minutes before serving, or using in other recipes.
  7. Final Coconut Butter

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